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01 03 2017
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Partners and synergies
Helimap System SA has built some partnerships with Swiss and foreign companies to enlarge its service panel and propose complete and integrated solutions.
Swiss partners
Geometrie Plus AG, Freienbach & Einsiedeln (SZ), Zurich (ZH)
Bernard Schenk SA, Nyon (VD)
TransElec Ingénierie Sŕrl, Lausanne (VD)
Geosat SA, Sion (VS)
Andreotti & Partner SA, Locarno (TI)
HMQ AG, Vermessung und Geoinformation (GR)

Foreign partners

Soldata (FR)
TopoAlp (FR)
SIT-infrastructure (RO,IT)
Geomatic Consulting International (Asia)
Global Geomatica (ES)
Tellus (AR,BO)

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