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23 01 2019
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The company

Helimap System SA is a Swiss company providing services in high precision, fast and economical ground data (3D) acquisition, processing and management. Helimap System SA has developed and operated worldwide for the last ten years Helimap System®, first as a subsidiary of Ulrich, Wiesmann + Rolle AG|SA, then as a wholly-owned company.
The owners of Helimap System SA are all experienced engineers and businessmen who have created, transformed and managed other engineering services businesses in the field of civil, environmental and survey engineering, as well as GIS.
The core of Helimap System's technology involves Lidar and Digital photogrammetry. We use helicopters and ultralight aircraft to be able to reach the most inaccessible places.

We are active in the following fields:

    Corridor mapping
    Oblique airborne mapping for complex and inaccessible terrains
    Very High accuracy / resolution mapping (2-10cm)
    Any custom small area mapping
    Thermal mapping
The proprietary and unique setup of the system still provides unrivaled flexibility in terms of deployment and a unique capability to map terrain vertically or obliquely. Our small and focused team of highly trained specialists can be deployed quickly and nearly on demand, with minimal advanced planning. This allows Helimap System SA to provide affordable and very high quality LiDAR mapping for small and medium size areas.

To enlarge our services and competences, Helimap System SA works in partnership with several Swiss and foreign companies.


Helimap System SA is a small, young and dynamic team composed of 16 persons:

    Julien Vallet, Dr. Ing. dipl. EPFL, 1973, CEO
    Hugues Fournier, Ing. dipl. EPFL, 1984, Deputy director
    Nathalie Mauroux, Ing. dipl. HES, 1970, Process manager
    Stefan Schönenberger, BSc. FHNW, 1989, Project manager
    Tanais Sauquillo, Ing. dipl. UPV, 1985, Project manager
    Adrien Gressin, Dr. Ing. dipl. ENSG, 1986, Project manager, UAV R&D
    Remo Ackermann, MSc. FHNW, 1992, Project manager
    Régis Meyrat, MSc. UNIL, 1989, Project manager
    David Ulrich, MSc. ETHZ, 1984, Project manager + Sales DE
    Céline Puig, Ing. ENSG, 1989, Project manager
    Charlène Negrello, Ing. dipl. ESGT, 1994, Project manager
    Angelika Fritsche, FCC Geomatics, 1990, Project manager assistant
    Fabien Etoga, collaborator, 1984, Data processing
    Jonathan Senn, MSc. FHNW, 1988, Project manager
    Richard Vuitton, Ing. dipl. Univ. Laval, 1975, Sales manager export
    Borislav Pandov, MSc. IT Uni Varna, 1970, IT manager and R&D

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