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10 02 2013
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Natural Hazard, Mountain and steep slopes mapping
Originally, Helimap System® was designed for fast deployement over avalanche couloirs to measure mass balance of avalanches (Study project of Vallée de la Sionne, SLF). Our innovative design and know-how allows us to map obliquely any slopes or any complex terrain whilst maintaining high and constant accuracy.
For the past 10 years we have specialized in mapping natural hazard or complex mountain relief. We have accumulated and integrated the deepest and most solid experience world-wide in high precision mapping.

The following examples illustrate this in the field of:

Disaster management

    Disaster management requires accurate spatial data assessment of each occurence so as to produce reliable hazard maps, enhance risk prevention systems with accurate data and establish damage maps (insurance, governement). Helimap System® can be deployed quickly (a few hours following your call in Europe) and first results can be available 3-4 hours after the flight.
    Monitoring can also be performed for recurrent observations. The following illustrations show the debris-flow occured the 30th of June in Gross (SZ, Switzerland). 10cm pixel orthoimage and 2pt/m² DTM was produced one day after the flight.

Landslide, avalanche, rockfall...

    Helimap System® was first designed as the tool of choice for data acquisition in the field of studying, monitoring and modelling natural runoffs such as avalanches, debris flow, landslides or any flow in dangerous and steep areas
    Oblique mapping provides constant accuracy data for steep slope or cliff mapping. Over the last 10 years, we have accumulated the deepest and most solid experience in this field. The following illustrations show examples of avalanche mass balance measurements, landslide detection, rock-ice fall measurements...
    Avalanche dynamic study in Vallée de la Sionne (SLF). Snow mass balance measurements

Remote area

    Remote area mapping encompasses inaccessible terrain (such as high cliffs or very steep slopes) and also highly dangerous areas such as minefields or highly polluted areas.
    In such cases, the use of classic techniques requiring ground access (terrestrial scanning, GPS, theodolite, conventional photogrammetry) is usually almost impossible or results in enormous costs to mitigate the risks which operators are subjected to. Helimap System® thus simply becomes the most suited and cheapest solution to obtain high resolution data in such areas. We are happy to report that many successful projects with Helimap System® in the field of geology studies, landslides, glaciology and nuclear power plants confirm that this technique is perfectly suited, accurate, fast and very affordable.

    Svalbard geology mapping                     Rockfall study in Vercors                                           E face Monte Rosa 4634m

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