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07 02 2013
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Environment - Geology

Originally, Helimap System® was designed for fast deployement over vertical and very steep areas and produce digital models and provide accurate data even for the highest cliffs. Our innovative design and know-how allows us to map obliquely any slopes or any complex terrain whilst maintaining high and constant accuracy.
Environmental systems management requires high accuracy mapping combined with detailed colored or CIR orthoimages.

For the past 10 years we have specialized in mapping environmenal systems. We have accumulated and integrated the deepest and most solid experience in high precision mapping.The following examples illustrate this in the field of:

3D cliff mapping

    High density Lidar data is now a recognized useful tool for geological studies (natural hazards, structural modeling, sedimentology...). Geologist are accustomed to use terrestrial laser scanners for small cliffs and Helimap System® is the ideal and only complementary tool for bigger cliff area measurements, delivering precise and fast mapping.
    Below is an example of the Mediumsfjellet group in Svalbard (Norway) acptured as a real 3D model of the different layers and textured solid image usable for 3D digitizing.

Environment systems

    Vegetation studies, forestry, and ecologically sensitive area management require periodic cartography to follow the evolution of growth, erosion, vegetation disappearance, etc... To fulfill these needs, fast and affordable mapping is crucial and high quality orthoimages (color or CIR) are the foundation data used in environmental systems management GIS. Helimap System®, thanks to its flexibility and experience, is the provider of choice for such services.

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