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10 02 2013
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The world of virtual reality is invading the hobbies or games of more and more people. It is also entering our daily life through communication, navigation web - just think about Google Earth, Google maps, etc... As vizualization tools are becoming smaller and more powerful, the enhanced image resolution and graphing capacity offer near reality to users.

Computer games - Virtual world

    Virtual worlds used in computer games can not be not just realistic but now also need to be extracted from a real environment. Helimap System® is the system of choice for the acquisition, processing and management of data needed for such virtual environments. The example below illustrates the 3D model of the Grimsel-Furka pass road that Helimap System® delivered to a famous computer game company for a non-less car racing computer game.

Sports computer assistance

    With the advent of highly graphic, color portable GPS systems, a new era has begun in outdoors sports. One is currently able to locate oneself on a golf course or ski slope or hiking trail thanks to a portable device the size of (and often combined with) a mobile phone.
    Going one step further, data acquired, processed and managed by Helimap System® now allows the golfer to access a 3D model of the course, to build his strategy when on the green. He can also incorporate his previous reference games and even those of other players.
    The skier will be able to visualize a new slope while sitting in the gondola, getting ready for that first-time black diamond slope experience.

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