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10 02 2013
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Heritage and Archeology

Restoration planning

    Reconstruction, restoration and preservation of architectural heritage requires more and more 3D data to plan, map, visualize and simulate the site and its layout and uses in ancient times. Combined with 1cm accuracy terrestrial Laser scanning, Helimap System® quickly provides 3D models and is especially useful for mapping forested areas or cliffs around historical sites. The high resolution images complete the dataset indispensable for texturing models. Helimap System SA works in partnership to provide complete solution from acquisition to visualization.

Virtual reality

Today, restoring and preserving heritage is not enough. Modern museology and the increasing needs for on-line and virtual reality communication demand that our heritage be put on-line tob e explored from the comfort of one's home. Helimap System®, in combination with terrestrial laser data, provides heritage site managers with the data and expertise needed to set up virtual reality environments.

Vestige site detection

    When vegetation has claimed its rights back and covers archaeological sites, terrestrial identification of potential vestige sites can be time consuming and difficult. The use of Helimap System® allows heritage foundations and histroy buffs to get detailed 3D digital terrain model even in forest. From this high resolution DTM, it is possible to characterize shapes and details invisble from ground level and identify layouts of long-disappeared man-made structures (roman camps, castles, aqueducts, etc.)

    Medieval cadastre detection in Foret de Senart. Image courtesy of 3Dscanmap

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