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10 02 2013
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Natural resources

Helimap System SA will provide all the data (and more) needed for any volume-based applications. Helimap System SA is active in the following natural ressources sectors:

Open Pits - Gravel, mine, quarry

    Planning, checking and assessing the extraction of gravel or ore require precise periodic 3D mapping. Helimap System® is very fast and affordable and offers immediate results (near real-time). In the field of large open-pit mines Helimap System® can be used to spot and map areas suspected of rogue illegal mining or plundered areas.

Energy: Thermal imagery and Solar Potential

    LiDAR and thermal imagery provide essential datatset to sensibilize people to energy saving potential. In a single flight, Helimap can provide both thermal maps of the building roof and a detailed solar potential of roof with hight density LiDAR . Integrated on a GIS or broadcasted through internet, those data represents a very good political tool for energy savings managment. Illustration of results can be seen here


    Commercial forestry heavily relies on mapping and volume calculations to perform sustainable exploitation of natural resources. Helimap System® provides 3D models of the canopy and underlying terrain. Digital color images and CIR also provided by Helimap System® provide invaluable health information about trees.


    As oilmen go deeper and deeper and further and further to extract oil, exploration has come to rely more and more heavily on mathematical reservoir modeling. An important element of reservoir modeling is the acquisition of data that will serve as the "starting point" for the calculation and extrapolation performed by distributed 3D models. That data is typically the product of a careful interpretation by geologists of very high precision 3D maps of areas where geological layers of interest appear to the surface of the ground.
    Helimap System® is the ideal (and only) tool for high precision cliff and remote area measurement, delivering accurate and fast 3D mapping combined with high quality orthoimages.
    Helimap System® is active in many projects of this kind the funding of which is provided by European and American majors.

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