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10 02 2013
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Customized services

Helimap System SA specializes in helicopter-based Lidar and photogrammetry data acquistion, processing and management. The Helimap System® has been designed specifically for small-medium area mapping (max. 3'000ha / 120km corridor per day), with high resolution images (2-10cm), high density DTM (1-200 pt/m²) and high mapping accuracy (2-10cm). We operate worldwide.

Capitalizing on 10 years of practice in the field of helicopter based Lidar / photogrammetry, Helimap System SA will provide a customized solution to your special requirements including:

    Flight planning even for the most complex terrain (vertical or oblique)
    Realization of the flight
    Helicopter management using the nearest company
    Ground reference station management
    Trajectory processing (GPS-IMU)
    Lidar filtering and classification
    Aerialtriangulation and bundle adjustment
    Stereoplotting and photgrammetric DTM extraction
    Orthoimage and mosaique processing (2-20cm GSD)
    Data delivery in raw or in most common format (DXF, SHP, ASCII, LAS, GRID, TIF/JPG-worldfile...)

A tight collaboration with our partners and customers allows us to associate more refined services such as formatted drawings, data analysis, simulations, studies or other acquisition methods such as terrestrial laser scanning.

Finally, we will be happy to sit down with you and let you tap into our experience with digital, high-volume and high-precision data acquisition, processing and management to make sure that your project will best enable you to extract the value YOU need from YOUR data. We want to make sure that our value-adding does not stop merely at the delivery of the data.


The basic products issued from our measurements are:
    High density Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
    High density Digital Surface Model (DSM)
    High resolution orthoimage or mosaique (GSD 2-10cm)

    Draped orthoimage                   DSM                                  DTM
Value-added products can be arranged according to user requirements:
    3D plotting of punctual or linear objects (breaklines, walls, bridges, buildings...)
    True orthoimages
    Drawings, Object classification and georeferencing (landcover, linear objects, surfaces)
    Real 3D modelling (3D mesh), virtual reality
    DTM processing and displaying (profiles, contours, slopes, volumes, aspect...)

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